15 Artistic Photo Color Effects For Stylish Pictures in Photoshop

Adding bright, dynamic colour to your photographs
can add interest and fun. Here are our favourite 15 Artistic Photo Color Effects For Stylish Pictures in Photoshop from
Envato Elements.

1. Scarlet
Fantasy Photoshop Action

Scarlet is
an advanced Photoshop action for natural light portraits, fashion and fine-art.
It will add a rich atmospheric tone, helping to give your images a
professional, editorial look.

Scarlet Fantasy Photoshop Action
Scarlet Fantasy Photoshop Action

2. Falltime
Photoshop Actions

Rich, warm colour effects await you with Falltime Photoshop Actions. Perfect for portrait, landscape, travel
images and more, they’ll add a rich ambience to your photographs.

Falltime Photoshop Actions
Falltime Photoshop Actions

3. Pop Art Poster

Andy Warhol eat your heart out, this download contains 4
actions designed to generate 4 different, vibrant colour effects.

Pop Art Poster Action
Pop Art Poster Action

4. KolourPro
Action Collection

Buckle up because the Kolourpro
Action Collection
contains a whopping 51 options to help you retouch your portraits
with style; including adding some very cool ombre colour effects to hair.

KolourPro Action Collection
KolourPro Action Collection

5. Double Color

Create a stunning double colour effect with this action.
There are seven options to choose from, each with bright, vibrant colours guaranteed
to give your photos new life.

Double Color Exposure
Double Color Exposure

6. 21 |
Vintage & Retro Color Effects

Choose between 21 different colours with this Vintage & Retro action set. They work non-destructively, and come with a preview template
so you can easily see samples of each colour.

21  Vintage  Retro Color Effects
21 | Vintage & Retro Color Effects

7.  Splash Fx
Graphic Action

5 actions make up this fun, vivid pack. Give your
photographs a splash of colour and a sugar-pop, touch of the 90s.

Splash Fx Graphic Action
Splash Fx Graphic Action

8. 22
Soft Pastel Photoshop Actions

Perfect pastels are always a hit when it comes to wedding,
baby and portrait photography. With cutesy names like Coconut Jelly Beans and
Strawberry Marshmallow Puffs, it’ll be all you can do to stop yourself bursting
into a shower of coloured confetti.

22 Soft Pastel Photoshop Actions
22 Soft Pastel Photoshop Actions

9. Ultimatum — Digital Art Photoshop Action

Transform your photographs into modern art with the
Ultimatum Action. Intense colour and some snazzy paint effects combine in a result
crammed with detail and impact.

Ultimatum - Digital Art Photoshop Action
Ultimatum – Digital Art Photoshop Action

10. Duotone
Master Kit – Super Easy Photoshop Actions

Create stunning duotone colour effects on your photographs,
with 66 options to choose from. There’s a mood board included, so you won’t
have to run every action to see what it looks like—phew!

Duotone Master Kit - Super Easy Photoshop Actions
Duotone Master Kit – Super Easy Photoshop Actions

11. Cell
Shader 2 Photoshop Action

Fill in your subject and press play to add stunning colour
with Cell Shader 2. There’s a video
included to help you set up your file and also add some more in-depth

Cell Shader 2 Photoshop Action
Cell Shader 2 Photoshop Action

12. HyperFuze
Photoshop Action

A gorgeous effect bordering on the psychedelic, Hyperfuze. Just colour over your
subject and hit play to guarantee a trippy result! Groovy.

HyperFuze Photoshop Action
HyperFuze Photoshop Action

13. Cartoon
Melted Drips Action

Create bright, lively drips to add to your photographs. Why?
Why not?! As well as making some stylised, artsy images, this would also be a
great one to try with the kids.

Cartoon Melted Drips Action
Cartoon Melted Drips Action

14. Matte Pastels

A more subtle infusion of colour, Matte Pastels adds a delicate wash to your photographs. You can
adjust the strength of each effect and they’re non-destructive, so experiment ‘til
your heart’s content.

Matte Pastels
Matte Pastels

15. Orange and Teal

Transform the colours in your
photos to a variety of orange-teal and orange-blue effects. Play
one action and all effects will be pre-rendered, allowing you to switch quickly
and easily between the different options.

Orange and Teal Pro
Orange and Teal Pro

Each Photoshop action here, is from Envato Elements, where you can download unlimited resources for a monthly subscription.

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