£16.80 per month internet: cheapest broadband deal extended into May

Cheap broadband deals are nothing new. With so many big players on the market, it's natural that there are some that try to attract new customers with low low prices – that's basically what the likes of Plusnet and TalkTalk rely on.

But sometimes an offer comes along that makes the rest of the market look dear. And the EXCLUSIVE price we've managed to bag from POP Telecom is exactly that. It costs a measly £16.80 per month with absolutely nothing to pay upfront and includes line rental and a free Wi-Fi router.

And the additional great news (as if you really needed any more) is that POP has just extended the offer into May. We thought that it was going to be cruelly ripped away from us this Monday, but the £16.80 price will now keep on going and end on May 31 instead. Now form an orderly queue…

POP Telecom's super cheap broadband deal

Who is POP Telecom?

You may not have heard of POP Telecom, but it's been around for more than two decades and has the connections to cover around 94% of the UK. It claims to be one of the fastest growing telecommunication companies in the country today.

If you want to compare our exclusive broadband deal to what else is on the market, or just want to get your home internet through a more recognisable provider, then we're here to help you find the best deal for you. Whether it be super fast fibre broadband, broadband and TV, or any other broadband package deal, our price comparison tools will help you pay the least for your internet.