5 Creative Photography Hacks in Under 60 Seconds

We’ve shared a healthy dose of tips aimed at stuck at home photographers struggling for ideas. Some of these tips are simple to implement, while others require a bit more effort to pull off. Here are a few more tips from Dan and Sally. Thankfully, these are on the easier side:

1. Smoke Emitter

Adding smoke to a scene gives your images an instant pop of interest.

5 cool photography hacks

2. Crystal Ball

A crystal ball is an inexpensive tool and yet it can produce some pretty stunning images with a flipped effect.

5 easy photography tricks

3. Sun Catcher

5 cool photography hacks

A sun catcher breaks up light rays much like a prism.

5 cool photography hacks

4. LED Lights

LED lights used as a main light source are pretty v

5 cool photography hacks

5. Triangular Prism

Hold a triangular prism in front of your lens to add a rainbow to your image.

5 cool photography hacks

Which one did you like the best? Do you have a cool trick of your own? Do share with us.

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