5 items that probably won’t get an Amazon Prime Day discount – but fingers crossed

While big summer sale events like Amazon Prime Day can provide some excellent deals on some of the best tech and gadgets out there, there's always the slight pang of disappointment at the inevitable no-show. We're talking about those items that stubbornly stick to the RRP, or don't drop below a certain price.

Here at TechRadar, 'full-price' and 'RRP' are dirty words, and we're always on the lookout for a bargain – seriously, we're those people standing in Currys or Walmart trying to get mobile reception so we can find a better deal online.

But let's stop being so pessimistic – maybe 2018's our year, and we can finally get that deal we've been looking for. So if all our deal dreams came true, we'd see some big discounts on these items. Here's to keeping our fingers crossed until Prime Day then.

Don't miss out on any deals when Prime Day rolls around in July. We'll be listing all the best bargains over on our Amazon Prime Day 2018 page.