5 Portrait Posing Tips for Men

How are men supposed to pose for photographs? It can be very difficult for some men to be in front of a camera. So, Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge created this video to deliver five posing tips for men:

According to Jirsa, you want your male subjects to expand their presence and express masculinity. Here’s how to achieve that goal:

1. Open their stance with feet shoulder width apart

Have the toes pointed slightly outward.

2. Shift the hips to one side

It doesn’t matter left or right. Shifted hips create a more natural, relaxed pose.

how to help a model pose

3. Take a deep breath

This expands the chest and contracts the stomach for a more bold appearance.

4. Relax the shoulders

Let the shoulders hang back.

5. Do something with the hands

Try putting one hand in a pocket and letting the other one rest.

posing tips

Notice any difference in the model’s posture and confidence? In just a minute, you learned five very easy ways to switch it up and instill some life into your male portraits. From here, you can adjust the position of their face and expression as you wish.

how to pose a man for portraits

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