A Day With Sal Cincotta (all in 5 minutes) – "The World is My Studio"


If there was a way you could shoot virtually anywhere, and have complete control over the lighting you wanted every time, wouldn’t you want to know about it?

Just recently Profoto introduced the new A1, the world’s smallest studio light. I shared the trailer for good buddy Sal Cincotta’s video earlier in September. However, if you haven’t seen Sal’s “full-length” film, there’s some great content here.

Besides Profoto’s never-ending focus on education and helping artists raise the bar on their images, I love the quality of their videos.

Regardless of your photographic specialty, there’s a lot you can learn just by watching Sal in action. And, if you know Sal, the world has ALWAYS been his studio!  But, now with the A1, he’s got even more flexibility and room to let his creativity and mind’s eye visions soar!

Profoto has created a complete product line that allows artists to control the light, no matter where they are or what time of day!

If you haven’t seen the new A1, along with the rest of the Profoto family, it’s time to visit your local Profoto dealer. Just click on the A1 to the left to find the dealer nearest you.

Check it out and you’ll immediately understand why so many of today’s best photographers are creating some of the finest images of their career with Profoto’s “game-changers!”