A Photograph of a Perfect "Heartbeat" Moment

 “This is what I like about photographs.
They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.”

Jodi Picoult
I consider author Jodi Picout’s quote one of the very best about photographs. I’ve shared it numerous times before but put together with this image, it truly hits home.

A lot of families have some dynamic that’s surprising and seems wrong. I have no idea how the issues in my family would rank because everything we feel and do is relative to our own heart and situation. The image above is of me walking with my son and his three boys. It’s one of my most favorite family images, even though circumstances don’t have us in each other’s lives today. My grandmother used to say time heals all wounds, but I suppose that depends on whose watch you’re wearing.

So, on this beautiful Sunday morning, I wish you the most special time with family and a day when any click of your shutter captures Jodi Picoult’s sentiments about her love for photography. Photographs don’t lie, even if they only capture love and joy for a heartbeat.

As always go for those eleven-second hugs today. Remind the people in your life how special they are and make it a day loaded with memories. Even a little memory has the chance to sprout and grow into something bigger and better down the road.

Image by Cantrell Portrait Design