Albert Watson – Profile of an Incredible Photographer


What I love about these Profoto videos is always the same – the amount of solid content shared, which can help you raise the bar on your creativity and skill set.

This video was posted to YouTube last month. It’s a beautiful profile of one of photography’s most talented artists, Albert Watson. I first met Albert in the late 80’s when I joined Hasselblad USA as president. He’s an incredibly accomplished artist, and this video does a fantastic job of showing his thought process that goes into virtually every project.

As you watch the video, pay close attention to his approach to lighting, creativity, and the interaction with the subject and members of the crew. There’s so much great information in this ten-minute film.

He’s working with Profoto’s Pro-10, the world’s fastest flash! There’s one sentence on Profoto’s website in the product description which says it all:

Being remarkably easy to use, delivering consistently outstanding performance spiced with TTL and HSS it allows you to freeze split moments in time and capture powder and liquid in unprecedented detail and clarity.

Interested in finding out more about the Pro-10? Just click on the product thumbnail to the right.

Take the time to watch this video. Albert Watson is a true inspiration. While some of you might not actually know the diversity of his work, you’ve been looking at his images for many years!
Images copyright Albert Watson.
These are gallery screen shots.Click to visit his galleries.