Anne Geddes: Celebrating Life and Love

Images copyright Anne Geddes

I’ve often referred to myself as one of the luckiest guys in photography because of the artists I’ve met, people I’ve worked with and in general, a career that’s been filled with one stellar moment after another. I’m one of those knuckleheads who simply loves his job, and this industry.
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.
Recently I experienced another one of those stellar memory-making events, co-hosting “Mind Your Own Business” with Chamira Young and our guest, Anne Geddes. We all know her work, but I’m not sure very many of you know how much the Geddes Trust has given back. 

From Anne’s “About” page:

Since the release of Anne’s first calendar, her work has been coupled with the desire to give back. The Geddes Philanthropic Trust was created to raise money for the prevention of child abuse and neglect. Since its inception, the Trust has designated funds from a range of Anne Geddes products totaling more than US$5.7 million, which has aided programs around the world. The upcoming 2018 calendar marks the 27th continuous edition.

Click on the banner below to listen to this new podcast. Anne shares some wonderful insight into her career and the number of different non-profits she’s involved with – all of which benefit the well-being of children.


Anne never slows down in her efforts to make the world a better place, especially for children. Together with Kay Jewelers she recently launched a jewelry line inspired by her deeply held belief that all children must be protected, nurtured and loved. 

Every piece in the jewelry collection includes a pearl with a bezel-set diamond. Pearls are the only gemstones in the world with a natural gestation period, representing innocence, transformation and the creation of new life.  The bezel-set diamond in the pearl represents the individual spark within each new life.”
We’re part of an amazing industry with artists like Anne Geddes willing to take her time to inspire us, not just with her images, but her philosophy on life and love. I hope you’ll listen to the podcast and simply be inspired.

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