Apple Watch 4 may have the iPhone X’s most futuristic feature

The Apple Watch 4 might make a sizeable leap forward with the inclusion of Face ID, the same futuristic face-unlocking biometric seen in the iPhone X.

A glimpse at a patent filing shows that Apple may very well be planning to build a camera into the next Apple Watch. While it doesn’t show what that might look like, another patent shows that it would fit squarely into its user interface, just as Face ID does on the iPhone X.

One can imagine that, similar to its implementation on the new iPhone, the next Apple Watch may hide notification details until it recognizes your face. It could also secure your data without requiring a PIN every time you take the watch off and put it back on.

The other big feature that's often tied to Apple Watch camera rumors is the ability to video chat with FaceTime from the wrist. There's no indication of that today, but the it's an obvious avenue if the camera and battery life are powerful enough in an Apple Watch 4.

Strap in for even more sensors

What’s just as interesting (if not more) as a camera on the next Apple Watch? That it might also feature straps loaded with sensors, according to these same patents.

Among the sensors that could be included in the fitness-focused strap are electromyography (EMG) and piezoelectric sensors that, according to Patently Apple, can monitor the electrical activity in your muscles and overall strain to get a more accurate sense of your workout levels.

Cheaper fitness trackers are often recommended over the more expensive Apple Watch. However, if the Apple Watch 4 is flush with sensors and a Face ID camera, it may to part with more money on a dramatically better product.

Via Wareable