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What is the best way to clean the sensor on a interchangeable lens camera (mirrorless or digital SLR)?

I’ve got a couple of spots of dust on the sensor of my Canon 20D. A rocket blower isn’t shifting them, and I’m ridiculously scared of some of the more direct methods for cleaning sensors — what methods/systems have you tried, and how successful have they been?

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How can I maximize the "blurry background, sharp subject" (bokeh) effect?

I know that this effect occurs when there’s a shallow depth of field.

My question is, what are the various ways I can increase this effect in my photos when I’m taking them?

Note that I’m not asking how to use an editing program to achieve this effect after in post production or after the image is captured.

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Offbeat with Joel Robison

It’s not every day that person’s work transports one to another time or place. Rarer still is the photo that makes one feel like they are peeking in on another, magical world; so it is with the photography of Joel Robison. I discovered Joel’s work a few years ago on Instagram and I’ve been an…

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