Before You Buy…


Since the launching of Adorama’s new Learning Center, I’ve had a blast exploring each topic, webinar, and blog post. To just say “there’s a ton of great content” would be a serious understatement. What I love the most is the way they’ve managed to stay true to their goal of being a terrific educational resource. That means they’re soft-sell, not an easy thing for any retailer to do, but it’s what makes Adorama true to its tagline, “more than a camera store.”

I stumbled into their video “Gear” section which is loaded with product reviews like the one below. They’re by imaging artists actually using the products and sharing their experiences. There’s also a product review section covering just about every gear application in their blog.

I especially like the video below, because it not only gives you a great example of how to put together a documentary story, but the Behind the Scenes component introduces you to the artists involved; shares their experiences in working with Panasonic’s DVX-200 and explains how the vision in their mind’s eyes became a reality.

So, before you buy any new gear, check out this section of the Learning Center. Just click on the “Gear” header at the top of the page or, to wander through the front door of the Learning Center, click on their logo to the left.

A big congrats to Steve Remich and Reiley Wooten for “Breaking Through” and Sal D’alia for the Behind the Scenes of the video with Steve and Reiley sharing thoughts about the product and their production.