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On January 17, Chamira Young and I launched “Beyond Technique” an extraordinary podcast series thanks to PhotoShelter. We know there are hundreds of places you can find support to build your technique and skill set, but what about a great resource for growing your business? 

Christina Peters joins us on this new podcast, with a perfect topic, photographing food.

​Even though you might not have food photography at the core of your business, it comes up so often. Wedding photographers for example regularly need food shots as a critical part of the details of storytelling for the album. Then there are those of you who get requests from clients who need images of food, table settings etc. You do the best you can, but it’s not your expertise. Well, Christina is just the person to give you a little help!

Check out her website with a click on any of her images in this post. Her diversity is remarkable and includes everything from food and beverages to environmental portraits of chefs, farm animals and macro. If it’s related to being on the kitchen table, odds are Christina has captured it!

Not only will you see stunning images in her galleries, but pay attention to the layout and how clean her site is. She’s very open in this interview about how she wanted her work to be presented, and It’s all thanks to PhotoShelter. Today more than ever, your website has the same power of a bricks and mortar retail store but with far greater reach. The PhotoShelter team makes it easy to accomplish.
Check out Christina’s FoodPhotographyClub. Here’s your chance to fine tune your skills, so whether you’re formally a food photographer or not, your clients will be getting the very best results! And, definitely take a scroll over to PhotoShelter and check out the free trial and limited time special offer. 

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