Big Pokemon Go update will bring all new (and Mew) content

It’s been a while since Pokemon Go has had a significant update but that’s all about to change thanks to a new announcement from Niantic. 

In a recent blog post, the Pokemon Go developer revealed that over the next week it’ll be bringing mythical Pokemon Mew into the game alongside a new research-based quest system.

Later this week, players will start receiving daily tasks which will ask them to collect field research via completing activities such as catching Pokémon, winning gym battles and defeating raid bosses. 

Get questing

After earning seven quest stamps, players will achieve a Research Breakthrough which bring in-game rewards. These rewards range from Rare Candy and TMs to Legendary Pokemon encounters. You can complete as many Research Tasks as you please in a single day but you’ll only be able to gather one stamp per day.

While these Research Tasks can be accessed by spinning Pokestops, there are also Special Research Tasks which are dished out by Professor Willow. These tasks are story-driven, with a narrative that unfolds as the player completes stages in an eight-part quest. 

Given we know that Mew’s arrival is tied with this new quest gameplay, we think it's likely Professor Willow’s tasks will lead the player towards Mew. How long this will take, however, we don’t know. 

The quests will go live later this week so if you’ve been looking for something to do over the Easter holidays, this could be the answer.