Candids, somber shots, and shadow play: This week in Editors’ Choice

Each week, members of the 500px team curate photography that showcases the breadth of our community’s talent and diverse tastes in Editors’ Choice. Portraiture dominated this week’s selections, but the variety was vast. Creative use of shadow, somber subjects, and candids also emerged as themes in Editors’ Choice this week. Explore these trends and more in this week’s Editors’ Choice roundup, and discover some of the best photography on 500px today.

Meet the 500px team that chose this week’s selections:
Karen Biilmann
Robbie Sinclair
Paul Friesen
Camila Gargantini

?? Cuba by Yang Shuai  on

?????, 2018 by lena luminophores on

Smile by Hrant Avetisyan on

Bootylicious by Bart Nelissen on

Coati by Lev Novikov on

???? ?? ???? (3) by Alexander Sennikov on

Moon by Laureen Burton on

Nuria. by Eppie Goytia on

madona by boyan_kostov on

New Bond Street, London. by Malcolm Freeman on

Inspired by Scott Murphy on

Jumping 2 by Balazs Fekete on

B O H E M I A N  M O M by Márcio Miranda on

Expressions by schzsuzsi on

Tu by Enrico Burani on

Pure Emotion... by Rosa H. Lightart on

Dina by Kirill Averyanov on

Hendrik in motion by Rick Y on

The Garden Eden by Carlos Alexander Photography on

Untitled by Oksana Taran on

A horse with no name by Kewin Connin Jackson on

?????? by Santa Euisoon on

Hosbjerg Campaign by Charlotte Ea on

Feel the darkness  by Carlos Lobo on

Fashion by Mila Tsumay on

Total by Samuel Mustri on

???? by ????  on

uno by Tomek Ryka?a  on

self by Celeste Berutti on

Baby Signe Marie by Anna Rosalie Sullivan on

“Palm Trees & Sunset”
 by Esteban Roman on

Stripes by David Curry on

_ by Ilya Fedorov on

Primo scatto del nuovo shooting con Anna che emozione vi trasmette questa foto?
Ringrazio... by Ergi Murra on

Sconset - Nantucket by Gonzalo Blanco on

Javi by Guillermo Álvarez on