Canon 600D with problems

It´s the first time that I write here and my English is also no the best so… I have really weird problems in my Canon 600D.

The first one, when I take a Photo(focusing sound normally, mirror sound also normally,everything normally), the number of how many pictures I have its blinking all the time, also when I put off the camera, there is like a message: “saving picture:1” and stay there, doesnt matter how much time u wait for it. I tried everything with the Card and with the Camera.

The second one, when i push live View button, screen goes black and there is no more signal of life from camera (there iss no reaction if U push the other buttons). To take to life the camera, should always battery out and in and the camera recover life..

The third and last one, better take a look the picture:
enter image description here

If I´m writing the Post is because really I didn´t find how to solve it…Hopefully somebody can help me with this trouble because I don´t have mor warranty.. Thank U so Much!