Canon native flash off-camera second-curtain-sync: any news?

Is it possible yet to use off-camera second-curtain-sync with any of Canon’s native wireless-radio-flashes?

After searching, I can’t find any recent articles on this. Most of the older articles assume it will only be a matter of time before Canon fix their “oversight” to allow off-camera second-curtain-sync. But, nowhere can I find anything to say Canon have actually done so yet — which, admittedly, probably answers my question. Nevertheless, it’d be good to know definitively.

Currently, I’m using one or two Canon EX430 II flashes along with Yongnuo triggers which allows off-camera second-curtain-sync, but it is cumbersome solution — too many batteries, too many on-buttons! Also, the Yongnuos, as good as they are, seem susceptible to radio interference and occasional misfire. Being able to use Canon wireless-radio-flashes would be much less hassle.