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FREE Demo! OnSet Day: Create Stunning Portraits with One Light

Simple, Powerful Portraits with One Light

As portrait photographers, we find or create light to help tell the story of our subject. Classic portraits commonly use 3 point lighting and while this is great, often times a simple one light set-up can tell the story just as well. Join Daniel Norton On Set as he shows you why sometimes simple is better. Learning to master a single light set-up is useful for shooting on location, where you don’t have the time or space for a full set-up.

We will explore both studio style images and environmental

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Podcast: Photo Brigade with Gary Hershorn

Join Robert Caplin and his guest, veteran news photographer Gary Hearshorn for a live podcast recording at Adorama’s Event Space as they talk about Gary’s career and transition into working for the social app Flipboard. You can come and watch us in person, or tune in live at

Gary Hershorn has been working with app Flipboard since 2014, but began his career in 1979, working for Untied Press Canada in Toronto. In 1985 when Reuters purchased the foreign picture service of UPI he became the Chief Photographer, Canada for Reuters. In 1990 he moved to Washington DC as a senior photographer for Reuters where he continued in that roll until 2000. In 2000 he moved into a management role when he was appointed Picture Editor, America’s for Reuters. In 2011 he became the

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Seminar: A Guide to Better Travel Photography with Ralph Velasco

Travel photography instructor, author and international guide Ralph Velasco discusses a variety of tips and techniques that will help photographers of all skill levels to bring back even better images of their travels.  He’ll also get into detail about the preparation he does before a trip, how to make the best decisions with regards to travel and photography during a trip, as well as touch on his post-trip workflow.

To visually demonstrate these simple-to-understand and easy-to-implement concepts, Ralph will be using images he’s made in the last year or so from his recent scouting and group trips to Cuba, Lapland, the Baltics, Morocco, Romania, the Adriatic, Spain, Turkey, Mexico’s Copper Canyon, Cambodia, Vietnam, and others. 

If you’re looking to improve your travel photography, this is a program you’ll definitely want to attend.

Bonus: Everyone in attendance will receive a free PDF

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SEMINAR: Grow Your Community, Not Your Ego with Dorie Hagler

Being a freelance photographer requires many things; talent, grit, hard word, patience, a sense of humor and most of all a COMMUNITY. In the last 20 years, Dorie Hagler has grown a community rather than her ego. Looking back, her best opportunities, whether they be assignments, gallery shows or public art commissions, all happened because of her photographer friends and colleagues within the industry.

So let’s explore the many ways to grow your photography community and land more assignments

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