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We’re moving… tomorrow we will join forces with TechRadar!

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We’ve been bringing you in-depth photography tutorials and techniques now for more than four years, but to bring you a more complete package online that meets all of your photographic needs we’ve decided to partner with our sister website, techradar.

‘But why?’ you’re probably asking. Tomorrow we’ll be launching a brand-new Photography channel on techradar, which will offer the complete package for photographers of all levels.

Techradar is a leading technology site with

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How to shoot abstract photos of water at home

Abstract Photography Tutorial: how to shoot ripple effects

Believe it or not the bathroom can be a great place for creative photography. Here we’ve captured the magical quality of water ripples, and combined them into a contemporary grid.

We created the ripples by simply dripping water from a soaked cloth onto the surface of (clean) bath water (for a different take on this, see our quick tutorial on photographing water splashes for dramatic

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3 simple lighting techniques for better family portraits

Lighting techniques for shooting family portraits

Portrait lighting is an area that even the most confident photographers struggle with, but using it to get professional-looking family portraits is much simpler than it may first appear. Like most areas of photography, it’s simply a case of taking it one step at a time.

In the following tutorial we will break the different areas of portrait lighting down and examine how each light affects the final result, as well as where to position them in your home photo studio.

We start by shooting with

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20 killer tips for faster photo editing

Speed up your photo editing times

Want to take your photo editing skills to the next level? We take a look at 20 essential tips that will have you working faster and smarter with Photoshop in no time. We cover everything you need to know – how to import and organise your photo; getting more from raw files; adding impact to your images; and the secrets of retouching creatively. Whether this is your first foray into photo editing or you need to fine-tune your techniques, this is your essential guide.

Photo Editing: how to import and organise images

Okay, you want to

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How to reduce noise at high ISO settings

How to reduce noise at high ISO settings

Image copyright Ben Birchall

Shooting indoor sports action using a fast shutter speed, old, gloomy churches without flash or bright landscapes where you want to slow down the shutter speed to capture movement are just some of the many situations where you will need an extreme ISO to get better results.

ISO denotes how sensitive an image sensor is. Any change from the manufacturer’s native ISO (the lowest default, which produces the optimum image quality) will have some form of electrical signal

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A simple way to eliminate harsh shadows when using flash

Using flash: remove harsh shadows - final image

One of the biggest problems photographers encounter when using flash are harsh shadows in the background. In particular, flash shadows are the bane of anyone who shoots portrait photography (for more on problems like this, see 99 common photography problems – and how to solve them).

In the tutorial below we show you how you can eliminate shadows from your pictures so you can start taking flawless portraits.

An example of harsh shadows

How to eliminate harsh shadows when using flash

Step 1: Watch your distance<br

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