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Christmas Decorations – 20 DIY Ideas You Should Try

The best thing about Christmas is not the holiday itself, but the preparation for it. Have you noticed that people start preparing for Christmas a month before it or even earlier? These chores are so pleasant: decorating a New Year’s tree, decorating inside and outside the house, buying presents for family and friends, and creating holiday menu.

Holidays will be as amazing as you make them, so don’t wait for the Christmas spirit to come to you and turn everything festive, create it yourself

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Showcase of Awesome Animated GIFs

As much as we love video, it’s a bandwidth-hungry way to consume on the Web. Although it is easier to engage one with video rather than with images, it is animation that fits snugly into the Goldilocks zone – animation is shorter than video, has a smaller file size, but is probably richer in creativity and diversity. Just take a look at this collection of animated GIFs to get an idea of the potential behind animation.

With the right design skills, you can create depth and motion

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Freebies & Goodies For Web Designers – December 2015

This month’s round up, the last of the year, comes supercharged with incredible resources you have probably come to expect of this series.

From beautiful mockups to icons, stylish fonts to stunning PSD web templates, logo designs, backgrounds, development tools and WordPress plugins, here are 38 freebies that designers will surely love to have in their toolkit.

Renegade: Vintage Photoshop Image Action Effects

Renegade is a set of 4 different Photoshop actions that provide image effects with a vintage style including light leak and dust

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10 Personal Development Books You Should Read In 2016

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or working for someone else, constant self-development is the key for a successful professional life. Luckily these days there are many amazing books on professional transformation, entrepreneurship, and management out there you can choose from to gain new knowledge and ensure self-improvement.

Lifelong learning is an important factor of not only professional growth, but also mental

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20 Hottest Trends That Will Shape Web Design Come 2016

As time inches forward with each passing year, many new design trends loom on the horizon. The field of web design is always changing with new tools, workflows, and best practices for constructing usable layouts.

It’s tough to predict which exact trends will draw the greatest attention. Yet recent history shows a pattern of trends that have been growing like wildfire. I’ve organized 20 unique trends that have gained traction over 2015 and will likely continue well into 2016.

1. Sketch App for UI Design

Sketch is

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