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The Making of a Tripod


Or a clamp, or a stand. All those things we routinely use that support our gear, and therefore, us. I confess to being guilty of a common thing–not understanding exactly how complex someone else’s endeavor might actually be. The making of a tripod–how tough could it be?

Of course it’s not easy, when you stop and think about it. Imagine how much abuse the average photog metes out to his or her tripod during the lifetime of the stalwart, unheralded, three legged beast

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The Gift of Photography


With the holiday season upon us, it’s a pretty good time to remember folks who use photography for the good–to extend the reach of this international language called photographs to further understanding, embrace the diversity of life, and encourage others (especially young others) to be swept up in the joy of picture making.

Liza Politi, one half of the formidable duo called Fancy Girl, Street Boy Productions, has

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Night ‘n Day

Donut shops wake up early, and Ralph’s, that legendary emporium of frosting and deep fried dough in Cookeville, Tennessee, is no exception. We got there one morning this past summer about 3am, which is roughly when the bakers get your sugar dusted apple fritters ready to roll. Oil bubbles, dough gets smoothed and swirled in big buckets, icing gets spread and lathered, and trays of delights make

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday Sale!

The shopping season is upon us once again, and once again, our studio leaps into the sales fray with a major discount on the downloadable versions of our Language of Light video downloads, Volumes One and Two.

It has been a mainstay of lighting education for a while now, and remains popular, thankfully. So, for this holiday season, check out what we’re doing! Here it goes….

The Language of Light downloads will be on sale from Friday November 27 thru Tuesday at midnight

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