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We should all be Part-Time Lovers

The pyramid and the sun featured in the official music video for ‘Part-Time Lover’ by Stevie Wonder

On the morning of April 22nd 2018 I woke up with the melody from the song ‘Part-Time Lover’ by Stevie Wonder constantly looping in my mind for no immediately apparent reason. Literally, I opened my eyes and this melody was playing in my mind.

Although I had previously been familiar with the melody of the song (because I used to often hear it during my childhood around the time

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A conversation with Brittany about Love and Sex

A few days ago I had a short interaction in the comments section on one of my posts titled ‘Everything in Life is about Sex’. A person named Brittany had a few questions relating to love and sex that I answered, and I want to share the conversation with all of you below. Especially the concepts of male dominance and female submission that we see in interactions between men and women

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No Mark Zuckerberg, I don’t need your help

Fuckerberg probably thought I wanted to commit suicide

On the morning of March 26th 2018 I got behind my PC with my usual cup of coffee and decided to check my notifications on Facebook. I clicked to open two of them, both in a separate window, and in both windows was presented with a page asking me if I was going through a difficult time, and if I needed help. You can see a screenshot of the page in the above image.

This is the first time I ever saw this on Facebook. From what I can gather, it

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An example of the dangers of a government provided basic income

In my post ‘Governments and Basic Income: Why they don’t go together’ I discussed the dangers of relying on a basic income provided by the government. Specifically I mentioned the following:

If every individual’s universal right to life isn’t respected (in the broadest sense possible) then no amount of free money will be able to save them from abuse.

In fact, introducing a basic income in the <a href="" target="_blank

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On gender pronouns, gender identity and transgender people

You can’t be serious

Online discussions about transgender people, their rights and other related subjects, such as gender identity and the use of certain gender pronouns, were very popular last year and there’s a trend right now of governments in various countries that are getting involved to force a certain “(far) leftist” agenda down everyone’s throat.

The situation got particularly bad in Canada where they introduced legislation (Bill C-16) that could be used in

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Politics: An Exercise in Futility

Larken Rose published a status update on Facebook a few days ago that I really liked. It’s worth sharing here again with everyone in it’s entirety:

Even back when I was a “limited statist,” desperately trying to increase freedom through voting and petitioning and campaigning, deep down inside I already knew that political activism was totally pointless and hopeless–that it would never lead to freedom–but I kept trying anyway, because I just didn’t know

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