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What can professional lab printing do for your photos?

Why Use a Pro lab for printing your favorite photography is a question I’m frequently asked. In this quick photo documentary I visit a professional photo lab where John answers my questions on this topic. We look at some printing results and discuss the following:

Why use a pro-lab over a small ink jet printer? What professional papers are used and why? How

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Merry Christmas from all of us at Karl Taylor Photography

After a very, very busy year of video editing, Ben (our video man) decided to have a bit of fun before going home for the holidays. Thank you for following and supporting us this year.

Enjoy the video!!

Did you see our Darth Vader Parody? Check it out here:

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Darth Vader – The Photographer’s Worst Client

Whose side are you on – Karl’s or the Dark Side? Help Karl battle Darth by sharing & telling your friends about this EPIC shoot!


A long week ago, in a studio far, far away……

Episode XXI: Dissatisfaction Arises

With the value of photography being undermined throughout the galaxy, it was now more difficult than ever to gain client satisfaction.

Imperial clients now had little appreciation for professional photographers and the value invested in knowledge and equipment. With the advent of digital, clients now expected images the same day and often believed their

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How to Boost your landscape sky in Photoshop.

Graduated Sky Effects in Adobe Photoshop. Enjoy this very simple technique for adding a bit of colour into your landscape photographs. In just a couple of steps you can dramatically boost the sky to transform a dull photograph.

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Karl Taylor Photography Course Reviews

As a teacher, there is nothing better than seeing your students getting great photographs! Better still, when they turn their new skills into income. Many students send in their results to lets us know how they are getting on.

Commercial photographer David Lund is one of the UK’s best up and coming commercial photographers, already in his short time in the industry he has created some spectacular images. David’s clients include advertising agencies and brands such as Fox International

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