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How to shoot Dance with Motion Blur & Detail

Combining fast exposures and long exposures to create a beautiful dance portraits.

In this video both myself and Urs Recher look at the techniques for combining fast exposures and long exposures to create a beautiful dance portraits where we reveal both the detail frozen and the motion blur recorded. To do this we use flash and HMI lighting.

Photography Shoot Technical Details

The HMI 400 W from the right with illuminates only the back of the model. In this way, the front and the face are not affected by this light and remain dark. Because of its position the background shouldn’t

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Why Photographers use Medium Format Cameras

In this video I explain the reasons Medium Format cameras are a necessary part of the professional photographers work flow.

I also bust a few myths along the way and clearly demonstrates their capabilities. This video was commissioned by Hasselblad to explain the differences between medium format and smaller format cameras and why they are the preferred choice for many of the world’s top professional photographers.

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This is how you get great at photography!

In this Complete Photography Masterclass, I teach everything you need to know whilst cutting out all the jargon and technical talk that slows down your understanding of DSLR photography. In essence, it’s the fast track to great results without the need to waste years of time on trial and error.

There are many reasons to check out this incredible photography course:

Entertainment & education combined. Personal support if you need it. I’m

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What are photo histograms? Get the basics you need to know as a photographer.

Hi Guys,

In this video I give you a basic understanding of ‘histograms’. These are essentially a graphical guide to the exposure level in your picture, once you become familiar with them then they can be a great way to determine if you have captured your image at the correct exposure or to check if any of your picture has gone over or under the recordable range.

When you are next taking pictures take a look in the menu / display information and start to get a feel for how they look in

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FREE Lightroom training with our most popular course

Lightroom training for FREE with my best selling Complete Photography Course!

That’s right if you act now you can get 2 hours of incredible Lightroom training included with my Complete Photography Course! In no time at all you’ll be making your own ‘presets’, giving you way more creativity and control than just those 34 presets I gave you!

Check out this video to see what my Lightroom training has to offer and don’t worry we also include training from Lightroom 4 and above too. This fantastic easy to follow Lightoroom course comes FREE with our Complete

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