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Lumix Theater – best photography schools online


The technology that Panasonic is bringing to the party with the LUMIX line along with the talent of their Luminaries, is remarkable. The tools they’re creating to give photographers unlimited artistic freedom are amazing!  Skip Cohen

Shot with LUMIX DMC-GX7 (Directed & Filmed by Dai Ozaki )  SPECIAL GALLERY:

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Meet the LUMIX GX7


I love the low light example from the video.

by Skip Cohen

What I love most about videos like this is the way they tell a story. In this case Panasonic’s only got a couple of minutes to get you to understand the incredible technology and quality built into the GX7. But here’s a great sidebar as you watch the video – pay attention to the way the story is told. How would you tell your own story in under three minutes and what would the key features you’d highlight about

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