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The Importance of 4K

4K…What is it? AND why is it so important?

Many people are saying, “I will never use 4K for my videos,” or “My clients will never ask for 4K.”

Here is the thing. Even though 4K is four times the resolution of 1080P, it offers you so many options. Here is what it can do for you:

  1. The ability to zoom in postproduction WITHOUT losing resolution when downgrading to 1080P
  2. Crisper and vivid colors during play back on a high quality monitor
  3. Most 4K cameras have better dynamic range (if you don’t know what that is, I will talk about it in another newsletter).
  4. The ability to future proof your work (5-10 years from now we will see a lot more 4K TVs and monitors)
  5. Charge your clients a premium for higher quality/resolution videos

Even though these are great advantages, there are also some minor issues with 4K like:

  1. Render times are much longer
  2. Some computers cannot handle 4K
  3. 4K eats up a lot of hard disk space

If you are going to film in 4K, you better make sure that your computer(s) can handle it. Remember that 4K

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How You Can Afford Expensive Equipment

Do you ever wonder how some people are able to afford the gear that they buy? How do I afford all the gear I buy? Am I rich? Do YOU have to be rich in order to have the same gear as me?

The answer is NO!

Let’s talk about how we can afford such expensive gear… What are your options?

The quickest option, and my most favorite option… is to open up a credit card that offers no interest financing! I currently have a card that has 21 months NO INTEREST!!! This card was a lifesaver for me and I used

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The DJI Inspire 1 Vs. DJI Osmo

Today I want to talk about video stabilization. Why is it so important that you get stable footage?

The whole point of cinema is to capture certain elements and make it seem as if the camera was never “really” there to begin with.

When you see shaky and cheap footage, you can clearly see that it is not natural and to simply put it “not good.”

Take a look at the Discovery Channel… Notice how their footage is so stable? They want it to seem as if a camera never recorded it. They want the

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Learn to Think Creatively!

Do you always have to plan something before you shoot? The answer is NO. That is the beauty about art. It never has to be planned, in fact, quite the contrary. Art is supposed to be made by feel. Filmmaking is an art form and sometimes it is not planned. A lot of my videos were not planned, but were rather shot by feel. I never wrote a script! Now, I am not saying to not write a script. Planning is good, IF YOU HAVE TIME. But for people like me who are trying to put out high quality content fast

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Why Do You Need Lower Thirds?

Professional Titling can separate an amateur from a professional, that it is extremely important that you understand the how titling can affect your videos. If you look at any interview, commercial, or even documentary, you will notice that text appears at the bottom of the screen labeling the person speaking and showing the viewer some details about the person or subject. It is not only about the text, but it is also about how the text appears.

Let me introduce you to the world of “Lower Thirds.”

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Capture New Ideas

Hey there,

As you already know, summer unfortunately is coming to its end (In the U.S.). But wait! That is actually good new! Why? Since the weather will be changing soon, that means so will color! Fall and winter offer so many different beautiful opportunities to capture color. Especially from the sky (if you have a drone.) Also, since it will be cooling down, it will motivate you to go out and shoot more.

Here are a few ideas to get your ball rolling on some great shoots:

  1. Capture emotions. Shoot a lot of close-ups of people expressing their emotions. It doesn’t matter which emotion, because each of them is extremely powerful.
  2. Nature is gorgeous! So be sure to capture lots of nature, especially because the season is changing, which means that colors will also change, bringing diversity to your videos.
  3. Get in your car and drive! If you have the time out of your busy schedule, I highly suggest, jumping in your car with your buddies and bring along your camera gear. Filming in a similar location for a while can get boring and dull, so mix it up!
  4. Document your adventures and shoot behind the scenes footage. By doing this, you will become better in front of the camera and it is always great to document your filming!
  5. Lastly, plan out your ideas. What message do you want to share with the world? What stories do you want to tell? How do you want to tell them? It is extremely difficult to tell stories, so it is an excellent idea to keep a journal handy and to jot down ideas as soon as you get them!

So those are just a few

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