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Entering FF photography

Currently I’m using a 700D (T5i) for a few years and I’m thinking of buying a new body – given current prices of the 6D this might be my only chance of getting into FF.

I do mostly architecture / travel photography (sometimes street photography for which I will still be using my 700D) and my main concern is to improve image quality, even in broad daylight full frame photos seem to be sharper, more clean and rich than from a crop. Apart from selling pictures on microstock sites

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Will a clip-on zoom lens correct the distortion of a wide-angled smartphone lens?

My friend wants to shoot a vlog style series and she doesn’t currently own a DSLR, so she was going to shoot with her smartphone. I am aware of the natural distortion of features (noses, foreheads, etc.) that can occur with wider angle lenses, so she asked me about getting a clip on “telephoto” kit for her phone. That got me wondering…

Does a zoom lens mounted on top of a wide angle lens correct any barrel distortion? Or simply magnify it?

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