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How to know correct exposure for RAW shooting when camera show JPEG Histogram

I heard that RAW Data is not the rendered data, which means it can’t be influenced by white balance, saturation, and all other settings.

I believe that “RAW Data” is influenced by the intensity of light but not the color (colors can be altered later as they are not the part of “RAW Data”)

Which means “RAW Data” can be influenced by “Exposure Compensation”

Now my question is, if the camera can show histogram which is rendered which means already

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Any issues mounting nikkor 600mm f5.6 ais on a canon dslr

When looking at long prime lenses I failed to find a reasonably prised canon ef mount 600mm lens. I did however find the nikkor 600mm f5.6 for less than 700$ on ebay (as well as some old mediumformat lenses). Given that this is a manual focus lens will there be any issues using it on a full frame canon dslr with an adapter?

An ideal answer would be someone who has tested the combination. I will accept good answers withou that if none are forthcomming.

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20 Year Old Negative Colouration

I’m undertaking a family photo digitisation project. I’ve got a lot of Kodak Gold negatives from the mid 90s.

I’ve noted that these negatives tend to have a yellow cast to them, particularly ones that were taken in bright sunlight. The colour correction in Epson Scan can fix mildly affected negatives but on badly affected ones it leaves an unusable blue cast.

What causes this and is there a good way to deal with it, beyond manually trying to fix each frame? Interestingly the prints

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