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5 Tips to Add Flavor to Your Landscape Photography

sunrise landscape

Landscapes can have a magical impact on people. Depending on the location, a landscape may instill a feeling of serenity or natural turmoil; it might imply lush development or continuous erosion; green with life or dim, gray, and lifeless. A talented photographer can leverage these features to create pictures that are simultaneously captivating, poignant, and beautiful.

photo by john mcsporran

However, this seldom occurs by chance.

In this post, we’ll provide five tips that can bring essence

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Interesting Photo of the Day: Surfer Under Auroras

the impossible picture

This amazing photo makes you stop and wonder how the photographer did it. Several elements had to come together at the right moment in order for this image to be possible. The Northern Lights, the crashing of waves, the position of the surfer, and the moon:

Surfing Under the Northern Lights (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size.)

For a picture like this, you need a clear night, good surf, and of course the Northern Lights. So it’s a tricky combination to start with.

To capture the color

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Cyanotype Photography at Home Tutorial

Did you know that bringing one of the oldest photographic processes is simple enough to reproduce from the comfort of your own home? Invented in 1842, the UV sensitive cyanotype process is a printing process capable of recording images entirely independent of a camera:

As photographer Dominique Hines explains, the chemistry behind the process couldn’t be more simple. Easy-to-use and affordable, cyanotype

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How to Establish Your Photographic Style

OK, you’ve bought all the right camera equipment. You have three camera bodies, 10 lenses, a stack of lighting gear, all the filters and attachments you can think of. You’ve read the manual and gained some experience in taking different types of shots, but you’re still not happy with your results. You’ve even copied other people’s styles but they’re just good photos and they look the same as everyone else’s. They don’t stand out and nobody would

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Interesting Photo of the Day: Eye of the Waterfall

waterfall and iris

Photographer Jarred Decker captured this awesome shot of North Falls from inside a cave, making it look like a dragon’s eye. This particular waterfall is in Silver Falls State Park in Oregon. The falls are accessible from an easy hike close to Portland and are spectacular year round though are best in the spring:

“Eye of the Waterfall” by Jarred Decker (Via Imgur. Click image to see full size)

Decker took three shots and stitched them together to create the final image. He used

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How to Transform Your Bathroom Into a Softbox for Portrait Lighting

Are you hesitant to buy more gear for your photography endeavors? There are tricks you can follow to work around the upfront cost of buying equipment for a studio. Jay P. Morgan wants to show you how to turn your bathroom into a softbox! Ready? Here’s how to get started:

First, put a piece of black paper, duvetyne, foamcore, or cardboard over the door. Stand so that the window is directly behind you. The light coming over your head as you’re shooting will create a soft glow on your

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