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Facebook Is Now Supporting Live Photos from iPhone 6s

Apple Live Photos Now Supported by Facebook

For quite some time now, camera and smartphone makers have been trying to find a way to mash photos and short videos together into some kind of cute hybrid file. Microsoft has been doing it for quite some time in their Lumia phones, but now the 800-pound smartphone gorilla that is the iPhone 6s has added Live photos as a functionality, and it’s making others take notice. Now, Facebook will support the Live Photos in News Feed.

Sadly, the update only applies to iOS Facebook users at the moment

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The Mirror-Flipping Tech Inside Canon’s Latest DSLRs is Impressive, Mesmerizing to Watch

Ask most camera-industry experts and they will probably say that mirrors are on their way out of the camera game, at least in the long term. But for right now, DSLRs are still offering some of the most advanced tech available. Recently, Canon released their 50+ megapixel 5Ds camera, which required some changes in the system responsible for flipping the mirror up and down during shooting.

The new system exists in the 5Ds as well as the

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