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Jared Platt and a Daily Double


At least once a week I wander into the Profoto USA archives on YouTube, and I’m always drawn to Jared Platt’s “What’s the difference?” series. It’s outstanding content and always in short, concise doses. It’s like having your own private lighting instructor. 

I especially liked the first video where he compares one B2 to three speedlights. He makes some great points along the way.

I also love the fact that Profoto walks the talk by

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"What’s the difference?" An Umbrella vs. a Bare Head

Each one of these short “What’s the difference?” videos is loaded with great information. Jared Platt does an outstanding job taking you through a specific point and then drilling down to show you comparison shots. Plus, I love the way he takes us through the three light set up on the front end.  Again, this is a scenario that’s perfect for the B1 and B2 off-camera flash system. Jared is out in a field in Utah and it’s winter time. It’s not a shooting situation you could even tackle without the right gear. 

Profoto’s off-camera flash system has been referred to, since it’s introduction last year, as the “game changer”.  Don’t take my word for it. Visit a Profoto dealer and see for yourself.

Find a Profoto Dealer Profoto Global, Profoto USA’s parent company in Sweden has 150 videos in their YouTube archives, including many of the ones recorded in the US

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"What’s the Difference?" Freezing Movement with High-Speed Sync

There are over 100 short educational and webinar videos in the Profoto USA YouTube section. Their support for education is as consistent as the quality of light they produce. And, they always pack a lot of great information into every video and blog post.

From the Profoto YouTube archives:

“What’s the Difference?” is a series of video lighting tutorials. Each episode responds to a single question. In this episode, Jared Platt tries freezing motion with the High-Speed Sync.

Jared Platt does an outstanding job in every video, but I especially loved the way he takes you through high speed sync in this one, along with his

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Lighting Gems With Jared Platt and the B2 Game Changers


I love these little gems from the Profoto USA archives, because they give you so much information in such a short time. So, grab a cup of coffee and no matter how much of a veteran you might be in photography, check out these great tips from Jared Platt!

I decided to share three of these short videos together in a post. They’re each only a couple minutes long, but hit on very specific techniques and Jared does a terrific job sharing  some solid “how-to” content.


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