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Photography, Hasselblad, Sweden and 1993

This is what I like about photographs.
They’re proof that once, even if just for a heartbeat, everything was perfect.”
I know I’ve shared Jodi Picoult’s quote above numerous times, but it just fits so well, especially with old photographs and Throwback Thursday. The year is 1993, and the Hasselblad USA salesforce won a trip to Sweden. Bengt Forssbeck was Hasselblad’s V.P. of Marketing and a great friend to all of us. 

On a trip to the US previous to our trip to Sweden, Bengt demonstrated one of his many talents, hanging a spoon off his nose. As a tribute to Bengt, all of us did the old spoon trick, but Bob Thompson, front row in the red shirt, was apparently the only one who did it in time for the camera!

But here’s the point of Throwback Thursday images – they really do take us back to a time when things were perfect. For all of us at Hasselblad back then, this group was one of the most amazing

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Do Your Clients Want the Photography Products You’re Selling?

© Minerva Studio Since starting SCU in January of 2013, everything my good buddy Scott Bourne has written and shared continues to be relevant. I’m sharing this post from the archives, not because I needed something to post today, but because it’s such an important concept. 

Are you listening to your target audience? Are you offering the products and services they want? Are you making yourself habit-forming?

When Scott originally wrote this, Blockbuster was closing. It was a big deal, in fact, there are still empty Blockbuster stores around the country and easily recognized because of the marquee design of their buildings. Each one is a ghost town tribute to changes in technology, consumer trends and to a point, arrogance. In just the last couple of years, we’ve

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Marketing Monday – 15 Value Added Ideas for Photographers

© NorGal

© vladakela

As consumers, whether female or male, the concept of accessorizing is nothing new, but as business owners so many artists miss a long list of opportunities. My first job in the corporate world was with Polaroid when they were a real live manufacturing company with over 20,000 employees. I was with them for close to 18 years. One of the principles behind the launch of the Polaroid Spectra in the 80s was to create the most extensive accessory collection in instant photography. That concept was based on research that consumer opinion was enhanced by the potential for the product to expand into other areas of creativity.   

While it might seem a little far-fetched to link research for what at the time was an expensive instant camera to the buying habits of today’s consumers, is it that far out there?  If a client is hiring you to photograph their kids, family or a wedding would you offer them just one 8×10?  Of course not! But sadly, so many of you limit the products and services you offer. There are too many photographers not taking advantage of the variety incredible products out there.


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In the Spotlight – Nikki Harrison

Every day I look at hundreds of images shared on Facebook, and I’m always amazed at the diversity in the quality, subject matter and skill set of the artists. Well, yesterday morning in Facebook Wedding Photographers, Nikki Harrison shared three images and wrote:

“I’m one of those “new” wedding photographers – been shooting portraits for 10 years. Here I go, I’m pretty pumped though.”

I immediately sent her an IM for permission to share her

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