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The Best Marketing Tool for Photographers at Holiday Time

For those of you who still aren’t doing holiday cards for your clients or yourself, I’m not sure what else I can write to try and convince you of the opportunity you’re missing.

First, let’s talk about all your clients and people in your database! No professional photographer should ever send a store-bought holiday card. Year after year thousands of you minimize the potential for seasonality marketing. You do nothing, or at the last minute you hit a store like CVS, grab a box of cards that seems adequate and get them in the mail.

For any of you who just rolled your eyes, hear me out! A holiday card with one of your images and an added hand-written message to clients

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Bobbi Lane – Putting Bella Art Prints to the Test

by Bobbi Lane

As a commercial photographer, most of my images are delivered to clients as digital files, not a tangible print. In the past, I’ve had my share of Epson printers that have worked really well for making “pretty pictures” to give as wall art gifts, calendars, promos, etc. Now, however, my career also includes gallery submissions in the art world and the need for high quality prints is imperative. Without investing hundreds of hours learning to become a master digital printer (who

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Chamira Young Takes Bella Art Prints for a Test Drive

by Chamira Young

It is my firm belief a digital image is brought to life through the age-old medium of print. There is something unmistakably magical about the tactile experience of running your fingers over the smooth fibers of a high quality paper and knowing your image can be passed down from generation to generation.

Of course, it goes without saying your printing source of choice has to be high quality. And if you are in the business of photography, then it is also preferable your printing source also have

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The Biggest "No Brainer" in Family Marketing!

by Skip Cohen

Put me in a room with a few dozen family photographers, and I’m always amazed at the conversation and the discussion over how hard it is to get through the noise and find new customers. Knowing how hard it is to do, I don’t understand why more artists don’t invest in getting help.

Today’s consumers are flooded with information every day. Think about how much shows up in your email and then combine it with the mailbox at the end of your driveway, the noise on the TV, radio

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Marketing to Photograph the Class of 2018

Over the last decade or two some of the most dramatic changes in photography have been in the senior market.  The days of boring head shots with everybody looking the same are long gone. Today, a senior session is about capturing the personality of the subject. It’s about having fun, communication and building a relationship with each senior.

Think about one amazing aspect of working with seniors – more than likely you’re the first experience they’ve ever had

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It’s Graduation Season for Professional Photographers!

Intro by Skip Cohen

It’s graduation season and if you haven’t done anything for this year at this point, you’re cutting it pretty close. However, Marathon Press is making it so easy for you to build a program for future grads and even this fall’s seniors, the class of 2018.

For a grand total of twelve bucks you can pick up two different sales kits and be ready to enhance your senior business later in the year and then into graduation next year.

Yes, I know I’m essentially doing a post

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