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Eight Products to Help Photographers Build Their Brand

© tashatuvango Marathon Press has been a partner at SCU from the very beginning, and while they obviously have my loyalty, here’s a perfect example of why! Marathon is all about marketing support for photographers. Just as an example, I grabbed a screen shot from their home page of the eight different product groups below. This is only the tip of the iceberg, but it makes a great point about what they can do for your business.
  • Press printed brochures and cards: There are too many of you doing things entirely on your own and producing material that looks like “Uncle Harry” produced it. Regardless of the size of your business, you need a brochure as a hand-out or leave behind at events, with potential clients etc.  And, it needs to look professional. So, assuming you don’t have a degree in graphic design, why not expand your “staff” and utilize Marathon’s team?
  • Photography Gift Cards: Listen to this post with Doug Box from Weekend Wisdom a couple of years ago. Doug talks about a client supplying a local business with gift certificates they could give out. Marathon’s gift card presentation is perfect for an application like this.
  • Press Printed Stickers and Packaging:  I read years ago that points made to the eye are 78% more effective than points made to the ear! Don’t deliver your images to a client with anything but professional packaging. Think about companies like Tiffany’s and Godiva Chocolate – we all recognize the quality of the product. You have to give your products the same kind of presentation.
  • Press Printed Booklets: There are two things every artist needs to have, a slide show of your work on your website and a printed booklet that matches. Again, this is all about marketing your work. You need to be able to show your work and having a booklet is similar to a brochure – pick at least one of them and then pull together your very best images.
  • Press Printed Calendars: Okay, so it’s too late for 2017 – but why not put one together for 2018? And, it doesn’t have to be just your work. Get together with 1-3 other artists who are friends, respect each other and compliment each other’s specialty. Pick a topic like profiling your community and then share the coast of a calendar you can all give out. For example, a wedding photographer, newborn, children and family are all logically connected! Even better, turn it into cause-related marketing and tie in a charity like a local non-profit in your community. The end result is your partners and the charity all become ambassadors for each other.
  • Press Printed Stationery: No photographer should ever be sending out store-bought stationery, including thank you notes! You’re an artist – use Marathon’s help to design stationery using your images. Whether it’s a simple thank you note or a holiday card, having customized stationery gives you an incredible marketing tool and the ability to show your work.

So there it is, eight product groups with a whole series of ways to use them. Stop procrastinating because you don’t have the time or creativity to design what you need and get a little help from Marathon’s team of designers and marketing professionals.

Headed to ShutterFest next week? Swing by the Marathon booth and find out what they can do to help you build stronger brand awareness! What good is working so hard to create stunning images if you’re not getting the word out to

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got Seniors?

by Skip Cohen

Over the last ten years the senior market is one of the photographic specialties that’s changed the most. There are some big numbers in the potential audience, giving so many photographers the opportunity to work with seniors. 

About 3.5 million students are expected to graduate from high school in 2016–17,
including 3.2 million students from public high schools
and 0.3 million students from private high schools (source).

**National Center for Education Statistics So, with a target audience of 3.5 million

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On Your Radar? Great Content Coming in Marathon’s Blog

by Skip Cohen

When I first met the team from Marathon Press back in the late 80’s they were the leader in printed material for the photographic industry. There was no Internet; the word “blog” didn’t exist; there were no websites; every photographer carried around a portfolio of images to each convention or business meeting and “live” education was something you either got in a workshop, at a convention or watched on your VCR.

Today, everything has changed. Educational opportunities

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Marketing – the Flame You Have to Keep Alive!

© Romolo Tavani Intro by Skip Cohen

I found the article below in the archives of Marathon’s blog. It couldn’t be more perfect for this time of year.

We’re entering the last month of what’s typically known as the slow season, but just because sales might be slow doesn’t mean there isn’t work to do. This is the time for you to be laying out the last steps of your marketing plans for 2017.

Marketing is a constant flame that needs to light your business all year long. It should never stop as long as

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Sales Mistakes That Kill Orders for Photography

© pathdoc Intro by Skip Cohen

There are ten mistakes that Sarah Petty shared in this post from Marathon’s blog archives from last year. I’m betting every photographer who reads this has hit at least 3-4 of these mistakes in the past and many of you are guilty of all ten!

In the same way you’ve worked hard to establish you skill set as a photographer, you’ve got to give the same attention to your selling skills. Sarah’s first sentence says it all! 

“Do you pour your soul into photography

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Nothing Beats Personal Contact!

© Degimages Intro by Skip Cohen

Starting next month there’s some terrific new content coming in the Marathon blog, but in the meantime check out the archives! I found this post from last year by Sarah Petty. She’s hitting on one of the most important concepts in sales/marketing – connecting with your client.

I’ll admit, locking up your computer is a bit extreme, but I’m hoping it helps me and Sarah make a point.

NOTHING beats a personal call or a face to face visit! While I love the reach the Internet

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