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One of Your Greatest Products and Marketing Tools – Holiday Cards

Just click on any card above to visit holiday greeting cards on the Marathon website.
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Holiday cards are an ideal product for you to have in your lineup for your clients. NOW is the time to be pitching the concept, so they’ve got their cards early enough to mail. Holiday cards are simply an extension of the products and services you offer.

Even better is the timing. It doesn’t matter when you might have done a portrait session or a wedding for example. You can go back to a past client and plant the seed for a customized holiday card, regardless of when the image

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It’s Time to Start Planning for 2016

© fotomatrix Intro by Skip Cohen My buddy at Marathon, Mark Weber, published the post below in November 2013. While I agree with just about everything he’s talking about, I disagree on the timing. NOW is the time to start thinking about and planning next year.

For example, having just returned from Marathon’s MAP Getaway, I was blown away by how much they offer. Most of you are a “one man band” with limited staff support. With MAP, you have a facilitator who becomes your marketing team and provides one on one support, along with guidance with branding, graphic design, client acquisition, goal setting, pricing, selling, promotions

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Building a Strong Brand – You Need to Stand Out!

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Intro by Skip Cohen

In June of 2014, my pal, Mark Weber wrote the following post about branding. Branding is so much more than your logo and business card. It’s everything you stand for in the community. It’s what people think about you, your business and skill set. Just like our favorite places to shop you have an opportunity to be Kmart or Nordstrom’s. I’m not talking about pricing, but customer service and quality.

Mark’s message is timeless, and the video

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Creating Promotional Copy That Works!


Intro by Skip Cohen

Over the years, I’ve read some pretty horrible promotional copy all written by photographers who I know were passionate about what they were trying to say. Sadly, passion in itself isn’t a communication skill.  One photographer, who I’ve known for years, I offered to proof read anything he wrote if he just promised NEVER to send anything out by himself again.

I found this post in Marathon’s archives from my good pal, Mark Weber; it couldn’t

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It’s Time to Meet MAP – Marketing for Photographers

Attendees at the MAP Geataway have opportunities to network; exchange ideas on resolving the challenges in running a successful business, and experience some terrific “how-to” programs from terrific instructors like Beverly and Tim Walden, Chuck Arlund and Ann Monteith. Note: While this is also my featured blog post today, I decided it also belongs here in the Marathon Center. It’s an amazing program and so many of you would benefit by being involved.
Virtually every post I share, at least the ones I write directly, are about marketing. Just as many of you have your favorite subjects to photograph, I have my favorite marketing applications to talk about. Well, here’s one this morning that I’m betting most of you don’t know about, MAP.

The program was created by Marathon Press six years ago and this past week I attended their MAP Getaway. MAP stands for Marketing Advantage Program, but it’s so much more than just marketing in the way most of us use the word. 

Essentially the program is an almost all inclusive coaching program to help you create buzz for your business. It starts with being assigned a personal facilitator who’s going to set you up with a monthly conference call to discuss each aspect of

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