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Ossian’s Tips: What Makes a Great Lens for Capturing Wildlife?

1/1600 f5.6 ISO 500 Intro by Skip Cohen

In this new tip from my good buddy, Ossian Lindholm, he tackles the question of “What’s the best lens for wildlife photography?”

Anybody who’s ever tried to answer a “what’s the best” type question, knows it’s virtually impossible to answer. What’s the best camera? You’ll get every possible manufacturer. Pick any other product and you’ll get the same results. Everyone is prejudiced by their own experiences. However, one thing I’ve

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On the Road with Ossian Lindholm

A few weeks ago I had a chance to finally catch up to Ossian Lindholm and Lauren Hefferon, founder of Travel Vision Journeys and Ciclismo Classico. We were all attending Fotofusion 2016, part of Palm Beach Workshops’ annual events. I’ve shared a lot of posts from Ossian over the last year along with many of his images, but nothing beats just hanging out with the man!

If you haven’t been to one of his programs, put it on your bucket list. My good buddy and industry icon

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Ossian’s Tips: Silhouettes, Silhouettes, Silhouttes

Intro by Skip CohenIt was 1957 when a song called “Silhouettes” was made famous by a doo-wop group, The Rays. Well, here’s the 2016 version, but in stunning images by my good buddy Ossian Lindholm!  I share just about the same thought with you on each tip from Ossian:

Imagine spending a week or more with Ossian and think about what you’ll learn. This is far more than raising the bar on your technical skills, it’s about seeing the world through Ossian’s eyes and even his heart. His passion for the environment and the animals is virtually unmatched. Put that together with his love for travel and the beauty of each new landscape or wildlife encounter and you’ve got an experience of a lifetime. 

Ossian has several great trips coming

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Ossian’s Tips – From Wildlife to Portraiture

Intro by Skip Cohen

A few weeks ago I had a chance to attend one of Ossian Lindholm’s classes at FOTOfusion 2016 in West Palm Beach. Within minutes I understood what makes him such a great educator. First, it’s his passion for the craft, the environment and the animals. Second, his delivery style is so direct. What might take other presenters ten minutes to explain, Ossian does it in two! He’s got one goal, to give his audience as much content as possible in the time allowed.

Last on the list is

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In the Top Ten Travel Adventures for 2016

Intro by Skip Cohen

Last week at Fotofusion 2016 in West Palm Beach, I finally had a chance to get in some quality time with Ossian Lindholm and the founder of Ciclismo Classico/Travel Vision Journeys, Lauren Hefferon. Although we’ve all talked on the phone, we’ve never all been in the same place at the same time. Nothing beats face to face contact!

This meeting was especially terrific because we not only had a chance to talk, but I got to see Ossian in action as he presented a program on wildlife photography

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Seven Tried and True Tips from Ossian Lindholm

Intro by Skip Cohen

Since we started this series of tips from Argentina’s Ossian Lindholm, we’ve featured great images together with some terrific content to help fine-tune your own skill set as an outdoor/wildlife photographer. This week Ossian is in the U.S. and will be speaking/teaching at Fotofusion in Palm Beach, Thursday and Friday. If you’re in the area it’s an opportunity not to be missed.

In the mean time, I couldn’t be more excited about his trip. Although we’ve talked

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