Deliver photos taken at charity dinner

I will be the photographer at a photo booth for a charity dinner. People will have their photo taken mostly with other people from their table. But as with most photo booths, random people will also have their photo taken together.

The organisers want the photos to be printed and delivered to the people in the photo. People might want to have a particular photo printed any number of times (ex: one for every people in the photo). I’m having a hard time coming up with a system to deliver the right photos to the right people. I do not have access to a printer myself so I would have to have them printed afterwards.

I thought of a system where people would look at the pictures on a laptop as they are taken, select the one they want and write the filename along with their name on a sheet of paper. I would print the photos based on the sheet. The organiser told me she could deliver the photos herself if the photos are properly sorted in envelopes, as they know pretty much everyone at the event. But I think she will jump at the extra time I will have to bill and the cost of the prints. And honestly I would rather avoid that hassle of printing and sorting physical photos in envelopes.

So I thought of a system that I could suggest where people would also select photos from my laptop as they are taken, and write down the name of one person who would receive the electronic version of the photo (a link by email). That person would be responsible of sending them to other people in the photo. This is not exactly what the organiser wants but it would be much easier for me.

Have you ever had to come up with something similar. Did you have a better system?