Different visualisation of color between iPhone and Windows 10 (laptop)

I’ve just started editing pictures on my Windows 10 Laptop (Asus) with Lightroom. Unfortunately when I upload the picture to my iPhone 8 the colors look different. It’s such a pity because the overall result is different.

I started investigated and I realized that it might be related to the color profiles (?), but I haven’t obtained any result really.

So I’m asking you guys, How can I make the colors on my screen on Windows 10 looks the same as the colors on my iPhone 8?

I might be not clear, I would like to see a picture the same on my laptop and on my iPhone, in particual I would like the laptop to match the iPhone color (so I have to change some setting in the laptop not in the phone).

The other similar question says that one’s a to change the monitor calibration, but I have already gone through that and there are still differences between my pc screen and and Iphone.