EDU10: Maternity and Babies with Ana Brandt

Images copyright Ana Brandt. All rights reserved.


I started this series of short podcasts to not only introduce you to some outstanding artists but to share how Profoto’s technology has continued to change the way photographers light their subjects.

​There are more creative tools for photographers today than at any time in the 175+ year history of photography, and Profoto has certainly contributed to those tools.  Edu10 is sponsored by ProfotoUSA, who never slows down on their focus to help you raise the bar on the quality of your images.

Ana Brandt joins me on this new episode. As one of the industry’s leading maternity and newborn artists, she sets the standard for everything from her images to the relationships she builds with her clients…and more. It’s not just her images that capture the personalities of her subjects, but her role as an educator, business owner, and innovator who sets the standard for an industry she loves dearly both as a photographer and a designer.

Ana Brandt was the first photographer in the world to design, create and market Maternity gowns to the Photography Industry 13 years ago. She revolutionized the Maternity Photographer industry by setting the design standard for Maternity gowns and use of fabrics for client sessions. Her store has shipped her gowns to over 100 countries worldwide.”

Earlier this year I shared an outstanding Profoto video of Ana working with her clients. It’s just a click away. In less than five minutes Profoto and Ana share a lot of excellent content, along with an opportunity to watch the B1X Off-Camera Flash System and Ana in action.

​Ana’s also responsible for one of my favorite quotes:

“No one regrets taking photos. People only regret NOT taking photos.”
Ana Brandt
To see more of Ana’s work, click on any of the images in this post to visit her website. And, if she’s speaking or teaching at any conference you’re attending, run don’t walk to get a seat!
Images copyright Ana Brandt. All rights reserved.