Film School!! OnSet Day: Filming a Narrative Dialogue. Lighting/Camera/Audio

Learn How to Shoot a

Narrative Dialogue


Narrative films tell a story. While there are many ways to tell your particular story, in most narrative films dialogue between characters plays a major role in the process.  Join Daniel Norton on set as he walks you through the shooting of a short dialogue. 

This hands-on workshop will cover audio recording, lighting and camera angles/movement. 

We will discuss and demonstrate techniques for Audio recording, Lighting and Camera. During each of the 2 sessions we will shoot a different scene.

LEARN: How foucs peaking can increase accuracy while focus pulling

LEARN: How to get great exposures using False Color and Wave Form Monitor.

LEARN: How to use LUTs 

This event will consist of 2 different sessions.

One sessions start at 12pm and 3pm.

Come for one or come for both!