Food Photography With One Light


There are so many of you who aren’t food photographers, but over and over again, you’re in situations where you’re capturing images of food, usually wedding cakes, glasses of champagne etc.  Often times the request is from a client who’s involved in some aspect of the food world and asks you if you can help them with an image for a menu or a website.

I love this series “The Breakdown” with Miguel Quiles. I grabbed the video above, because it’s the perfect way for you to get started and raise the bar on a few of your food shots. And, while we all recognize a Big Mac, pay attention to the way Miguel has accomplished the lighting and chosen depth of field.

On a totally unrelated side note – I can’t help but wonder how many of those I ate as a kid, usually two at a time with a shake and fries – 2000+ calories – Ouch! LOL

There are fifteen videos in Miguel’s series – each one a short introduction to another technique and skill set!


I’ve written a lot about Adorama’s new Learning Center. To check out this new and amazing resource, just click on the ALC banner to the right. You won’t be disappointed. In fact, they are so diverse in their topics, it’s a great place to scroll through any time you have a new project you might not be totally familiar with.

As always, Adorama lives true to their tagline – “more than a camera store!”