Global server shipments to grow in 2018

A new report is predicting that the number of servers shipped globally will see healthy growth this year, and will increase by 4.89% when compared to 2017.

This forecast comes from DRAMeXchange (a division of TrendForce), and it noted that shipment level slightly declined in the first quarter of this year. However, Q2 will see a recovery, and an increase of almost 10% compared to Q1, according to the firm’s figures.

And as mentioned, server shipment levels will increase by 4.89% throughout 2018, with that increase mainly driven by orders from North American companies. Enterprise servers still account for the majority of shipments, with servers shipped to the big cloud operators to be used in giant (‘hyperscale’) data centers comprising 20 to 30% of total shipments.

Increasingly cloudy

However, as more companies look to shift to the cloud and platform-as-a-service, DRAMeXchange believes that server shipments for such hyperscale data center usage will increase to almost 40% come 2020. In other words, the cloud is clearly on the horizon for the server world.

As for individual server vendors, the forecast for the first half of 2018 is that Dell EMC, HPE, and Inspur will be the top three manufacturers, holding a market share of 16.6%, 15% and 7.2% respectively.