Grab a free Nokia 3310 with these SIM only deals from Carphone Warehouse

The Nokia 3310 is seriously cool – not only as a play on a classic phone, but also as a way to go minimal with your handset. For those that don’t want a sea of apps to swim through and who like a week long battery life, the 3310 is here to make your life a happier place…and you can now get it for free.

This free Nokia 3310 offer comes from Carphone Warehouse and is available when you pick up one of its featured SIM only deals. They're a great way to avoid spending loads on a contract handset.

The SIMO deals come from Vodafone and EE with data from 10GB right up to a whopping 25GB – so something for everyone then. And if you go for one of the EE SIM only plans, you also get six months free of Apple Music and three months of access to the BT Sport app.

Here are your SIMO options to nab you that free Nokia 3310 and extras:

Blast from the past

The Nokia 3310 handset gives you a classic keyboard for tactic typing combined with a more modern colour display. This phone is also solid, so it can take a knock or two, like the original model was famed for.

There are basic apps including Internet and Snake, microSD storage and a week long battery. Want to know more? Then check out our full Nokia 3310 review here