How Apple’s ‘Welcome Home’ Ad Was Made With Practical Effects, Not CGI

Apple latest “Welcome Home” advertisement for the HomePod shows a woman dancing through an apartment that endlessly stretches in various directions. It may look like a project done with CGI, but it was actually painstakingly created through practical effects.

AdWeek shared the 7-minute video above showing a behind-the-scenes look at how director Spike Jonze created the short film, which it describes as “one of 2018’s most captivating ads so far.”

The set was actually created to expand using hydraulics, so the shapeshifting you see in the video was actually physically happening in front of the camera.

And in case you haven’t seen the long version, here’s the finished 4-minute short film that resulted from all the hard work:

(via AdWeek via Fstoppers)