How do you explain to an inexperienced person how to take photos for you to make a panorama?

There are several inexperienced people that I need to take photos of rooms so I can create panoramic images from them.

The problem is, that they always misunderstand what to do.

I tell them to keep the camera at one point and rotate it around slowly around it’s own axis, making overlapping photos. And to also include ceiling and ground, all overlapping. If they are not overlapping, they should create more photos from angles in between.

What I get:

  1. The images are blurred because they are in a hurry.
  2. There are not enough images, stitching does not work.
  3. They move around.
  4. They did not put their camera in manual mode.

How do you tell an inexperienced person how to take the right photos with their mobile phone(without a tripod or anything similar) so you can actually use them for stitching? Don’t expect common sense.