How to improve "grainy and yellow" interior photographs?

From time to time i take interior photographs and have noticed that they often come out “a bit grainy”, “a bit yellow” and generally not as the eye perceives them “in the flesh”.

Ive attached an example image below allong with the EXIF data, this is the un post produced JPG (shot at the same time as the PEF. Obviously this forum will compress the image, but the general gist of whats wrong with it should be visible).

The camera i use is a Pentax K-r DSLR with the image quality set to highest, raw + jpg. I tend to leave the settings on auto (not sure if thats best or not)

Once i download the image from the card, i put it into photoshops raw editor and adjust the white balance, then put it into photoshop and adjust brightness, contrast, saturation a bit but all minor changes, but apart from that its pretty much as it comes out of the camera.

example image jpg

Below ive also included a copy of the EXIF data.

exif data