How to watch Joshua vs Parker: how to live stream the fight online from anywhere

Joshua vs Parker is billed as 2018's most anticipated boxing match, as Anthony Joshua takes on Joseph Parker in a world heavyweight title unification fight at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, Wales.

It's the biggest fight since Mayweather vs McGregor last year and probably the biggest heavyweight contest in a decade. For boxing fans, it's an absolute must-watch fight!

On this page we're going to walk you through the best options for how to livestream the fight online from wherever you are in the world. We'll point you towards all of the legal pay per view streams in all of the main English speaking countries.

You could also use a VPN to stream Joshua vs Parker for free by signing up to DAZN and then cancelling within a month, but as we'll show that's far from the easiest way to watch this fight.

Keep reading and we'll show you all of the livestreaming options available to you.

1. How watch Joshua vs Parker fight: UK stream

The Sky Box Office UK price of £24.95 (or £19.95 before Saturday) works out at just $35 so it's by far the cheapest PPV stream of the Joshua vs Parker fight available online this weekend anywhere in the world. You can tune into this stream from anywhere in the world using a VPN

2. How to watch Joshua vs Parker: US stream

3. How to watch Joshua vs Parker: Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland stream

This is currently the only way to watch the Joshua vs Parker fight for free

4. How to watch Joshua vs Parker: Autralia stream

5. How to watch Joshua vs Parker: New Zealand stream