HTC U12 Plus camera samples hint at its photographic prowess

The HTC U12 Plus (or just HTC U12) is probably going to be announced soon, so it’s not surprising that photos seemingly taken on the phone have leaked, but they do reveal a little more about the camera.

The shots, obtained by MobielKopen, aren’t all that remarkable in themselves, though they seem fairly detailed, but the EXIF data from the images reveals that they were taken with f/2.6 and f/1.8 apertures.

What’s not clear is whether those apertures come from two different lenses or a variable aperture lens, as seen on the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Two lenses is more likely, especially as other leaks point to the HTC U12 Plus having a dual-lens camera, but we’d previously heard that there would be one 12MP lens and one 16MP lens, while these images all have a 12.2MP resolution.

Multiple cameras with multiple apertures

So it’s possible that the HTC U12 Plus has a variable aperture 12MP camera, used to take these photos, as well as a second lens, which would put it more in line with the camera on the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. But for now we can’t be sure.

The photos don’t reveal anything else, but we have previously heard that the HTC U12 Plus might also have a dual-lens front-facing camera, so its photographic capabilities could be one way in which HTC aims for the phone to stand out.

We should know soon, as current rumors point to an announcement sometime in May.

Via LetsGoDigital