Instagram Is Now Letting You Download Your Photos (And Everything Else) From The App

A Data Download has finally come to Instagram.

Facebook has had the feature since 2010, so Instagram might be a little late to the game. But 8 years and 800 million users later, it’s here, so quit your complaining.

You’ll find the download in your privacy settings. Once you request the data, you’ll receive the information up to 48 hours later via a link in an email. With the download, you’ll receive offline data of all of your photos, videos, comments, past searches, direct messages, stories in your archive and profile information. It’ll also show the comments and likes that you have given to other user’s post (the user’s name will also be revealed).

Before this, saving content was possible, but just kind of a pain. You had to go through each post and save that specific photo to your camera roll. Not only will this make it much easier to save everything, but you’ll also be given more information and, perhaps most importantly, be able to you leave Instagram (should you choose) with all the information that has been built up through the years. You are no longer shackled to their platform!

For now, you can only get the download through your computer, though it’ll eventually be available with a smartphone. So get on your computer and follow the steps:

  1. Go to your profile
  2. Click on the gear icon
  3. Choose Privacy and Security
  4. Under Data Download you can click “request download”
  5. Enter your email and click next

In a month, the European Union will be implementing new privacy laws which will require tech companies to provide personal data in a downloadable form for its users as well as be more transparent in general with their use of customer data. This will apply to all companies, regardless of whether they are based in European countries.

This is Instagram’s answer to that.

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