Interesting Photo of the Day: Night vs. Day

It’s amazing to see that the same place can look so very different depending on the hour of the day. Landscapes are viewed best during the soft light of the morning and the evening hours, as the afternoon sun tends to blow away the details and textures of the landscapes with its harsh light. The sky puts up a colorful show during sunset and hosts billions of stars during the night.¬†TheWafcon shot this composite of the daytime view and the nighttime view of the same place:

night vs day

Night vs Day by TheWafcon (Via Reddit. Click image to see full size.)

Initially, the photographer had no intention of shooting this concept. He shot 20 frames of the nighttime view using a tripod for his hyperlapse project but then realized that he could come up with this¬† kind of composite. He then returned to the same spot next day and estimated the spot where he had his tripod placed the previous night and took the day time shot. Even though the concept wasn’t planned, the end result is just amazing.

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