Jealousy is the Enemy of Self-Worth

There are two things that I love sharing more than anything else. Margaritas and answers to your creative questions. I couldn’t figure out how to get margaritas into your ears this week, but we’ve got some fantastic questions from The Daily Creative (my YouTube show where I answer YOUR questions about the challenges you’re facing on your journey to become an aspiring or professional creative) and some of my favorite answers from the show. In this episode: Ian wants to know how to transition from a traditional career to a “more risky” creative one. Fritz is looking at how to stop trading his time for money and start scaling his photography business. I share four of my favorite methods for diversifying your creative income. I talk to Brendan about how to kick social media jealousy to the curb with a few attitude shifts. These tips won’t just make you feel better, they’ll likely help you land more clients. Eric asks one of my favorite questions; how to raise your rates. We talk about the mindset around breaking up your work into different buckets and determining your creative fee. Crucial info for creatives looking to make money long term. Crucial. Enjoy! […]

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